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Westbury SP30 Monocular

The Westbury SP series has recently undergone a style improvement, giving the instruments a very modern appearance. They are high power microscopes with a robust high quality design and finished to an excellent standard. The impressive specification of this range is considered ideal for the advanced student or professional.


Standard features of the series are: Inclined and fully rotatable eyetube units. Rack and pinion coarse and fine focus mechanism. Full substage which includes an Abbe condenser with an independent focus control (N.A. 1.25), iris diaphragm and filter carrier. DIN standard parfocal objectives  x4. x10, x40, x100 (oil). x10 widefield eyepieces. Magnification range x40 - x1000. The high power objectives have retractable front lenses for slide safety. Focus stop. Inbuilt illumination with a 20 watt quartz halogen.


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Winchester SP60


Westbury SP40
Winchester SP50
Brunel SP100





Brunel SP20


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