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Demonstration Attachment
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The SP-Teach is a multi headed unit based around the Brunel SP-500 microscope. This is a superior instrument with plan infinity objectives giving excellent clarity and flatness of field with rheostat controlled illumination. Phase contrast, dark ground, cctv and photomicrography accessories are available in exactly the same way as the SP-500.


The SP-Teach can be fitted with left and right side arms that can carry up to 2 binocular heads. Using this structure it is therefore possible to order a unit with 1, 2, 3 or four teaching places. An impressive part of this unit is the demonstration wand that allows a brightness controlled illumination arrow to be moved to demonstrate features by the tutor. There is independent focus controls on the viewing heads to ensure that all students images will be in focus simultaneously.


Units are held in stock for immediate demonstration.



We would be pleased to arrange demonstrations or provide example models for assessment on request. Please email or telephone for information about our scheme.

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Demonstration Attachment