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cd- rom presentations

the biologic series of slides are excellent preparations of extremely well preserved and stained material using advanced subject matter.


the CD Presentations are simply excellent and we are pleased to be able to distribute these for Jenny Maxwell the author. Jenny Maxwell is the owner of Biologic Slides and has many years laboratory experience particularly in the medical and veterinary teaching environment. these CD presentations show an insight into the teaching process and take a systematic and well thought out approach. ideal for all levels of education and the serious amateur microscopist who needs a clear and uncluttered explanation of what is seen down the microscope  they consist of a series of superb photomicrographs in a power point format that provide an excellent description of the detailed structure of the materials. each of the titles listed below have a short video clip of the sort of images that the CD contains. this is a very brief ‘taster’ of the entire program of images that have been turned into a video clip. the actual presentation images only move on when you ask them to

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botany structure, including leaves, stems and roots
supplied with a biology set of 25 slides
shows the  stages of the tadpole/frog development
explains the various stage of cell mitotic division
covers many aspects of zoology  including single cell animals