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Video Microscope



teaching and demonstration

demonstration and sharing meaningful images are essential parts of the teaching process and can often be the only sure way of knowing that students are actually seeing the correct structures. there are several ways in which this can be achieved. for large group work, the cctv camera will allow students to see what the lecturer sees in live view. this can be either on a tv monitor or laptop/pc. we also have a unique an excellent series of powerpoint cd-rom presentations describing key principles in biology and science.


for tutorial groups the multi-headed SP-Teach microscope is ideal with the option of a system that accommodates from 1 to 4 students. the SP-Teach incorporates an illuminated ‘wand’ pointer. For one to one teaching or for those on a tight budget, the teaching eyepiece with integral pointer is a good solution. this will fit any standard sized eyetube and allow the tutor and student to view simultaneously.


We would be pleased to arrange demonstrations or provide example models for assessment on request. Please email or telephone for information about our scheme.




sp-teach 1

sp-teach 4

Demonstration Attachment